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Traversing Two Mountains: The Dulang-Dulang – Kitanglad Challenge, Day 3

The morning of our final day was the most relaxed I’ve ever been since we started on this craziness. The rain had stopped, the sun was up, and I was miraculously alive. What could be more amazing than that?

We even took our time with breakfast, swapping life stories as we feasted on coffee and hot mongo soup. The guard at the ranger station came by and shared his breakfast with us. I listened to Daisy’s and Jay’s stories and was in awe of what they lived through. These two are tough survivors and not just because they got through a traverse. It was an honor to be on a mountaintop with people whose strength and resilience I could only hope to have. Hats off to you, guys.

Pele, Jay and Daisy on the summit of Mt. Kitanglad.

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