So people won’t go around blaming me if they screwed up on their climb.

Climb information
The blog posts about my climbs are personal accounts of my experience. I try to be as accurate and transparent as I can with the information I present but these are ultimately subjective perceptions which may be influenced by my personal biases, mood swings, level of sobriety, physical and mental well-being, and the crazy randomness of the universe. I’m very grateful if you find my blog useful in planning your climbs but take my posts with a grain (or a bucket) of salt. For your own good, exercise a good measure of critical thinking and don’t believe everything I say.

Level of difficulty
The difficulty scale of a climb depends not just on the type of terrain but also on other factors such as weather conditions and the physical, mental and emotional capacity of the climbers. I don’t have a standard like pinoymountaineer.com in assessing the difficulty of a mountain. I may find a climb challenging because we were caught in a storm, I didn’t have proper training, I got sick or I was carrying a full pack with five liters of water. Other climbs I may consider relatively easy because the weather was good, everything went smoothly, I trained well for it or simply because I had fun. It goes back to perceptions being highly subjective.

The itineraries I post are based on our actual climbs. I usually climb in small groups of 3-6 people (unless I’m a guest in other people’s organized climbs, which often have more participants). We trek on a steady moderate pace with a five to 10-minute rest for every 45 minutes to an hour of walking. We don’t do trail runs. On multi-day hikes, we usually hire one porter to carry the food supplies and group equipment.

Please keep these details in mind and make the necessary adjustments if you’re going to use my itinerary . For instance, you will have to modify the schedule if you’re climbing with 15-20 people since bigger groups tend to have a slower pace. I’ve learned that one of the easiest ways to botch a climb is to copy someone else’s itinerary without considering the pace, number of people in a team, individual capabilities of team members, backpack load, and other relevant factors.

As a general rule, I only post itineraries of the climbs I organized. Other people are more possessive of their itineraries for whatever reason and I have to respect that. To avoid any issues, I don’t post the climb itinerary if I’m just an invited guest unless I have the approval of the organizer to do so.


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