Gulugod Baboy Climb: What You Need to Know

Gulugod Baboy, which literally means “pig’s spine,” is a range of minor peaks (525 meters above sea level) located in Barangay Anilao in Mabini, Batangas. Anilao is more famous for its dive spots but the nearby hills are also a popular hiking destination that’s easy enough to be tackled by newbie climbers.

Gulugod Baboy
Gulugod Baboy view

How to get there: Ride a bus going to Batangas Pier and get off at Batangas Grand Terminal. From there, you can hire a jeep to take you to Philpan Dive Resort where the jump-off is. If you prefer regular public transport, you may ride a jeep bound for Mabini and from there, hire a tricycle to take you to Philpan.

Expenses (as of April 2013):
Manila to Batangas Grand Terminal (bus) – P160/pax
Grand Terminal to Philpan (rented jeep) – P1,000/group*
Climb registration fee – P20/pax
Anilao to Grand Terminal (same jeep picked us up the next day) – P80/pax

*No fixed rate for jeep rental. This depends on how the negotiation/haggling with the driver goes. The jeep-then-tricycle route costs about P110-120/pax one way.

Day Hike
(Group of five, via private vehicle)
0500H ETD Manila
0730H stopover, breakfast
0900H ETA Philpan, start trek
1030H ETA summit
1300H Start descent
1400H ETA Philpan

(Group of seven, via public transport)
Day 1
1200H ETD Manila
1400H ETA Batangas Grand Terminal
1500H stopover, buy food supplies
1600H ETA Philpan, start trek
1730H ETA summit

Day 2
0600H Wake-up call
0700H Breakfast
0800H Break camp
0830H Start descent
0930H ETA Philpan
–Side trip to a nearby resort for swimming and snorkeling–

Other concerns:
The trail is straightforward and easy to follow so there’s no need for a guide. If you want to hire one though, the guide and porter fee is P350.

I haven’t experienced this personally but other friends told me about annoying incidents concerning one local who goes up on the campsites at the crack of dawn to collect fees from climbers. He is said to be the caretaker of a private land in Gulugod Baboy.

Photos by Lee Jay Balongoy



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