The Most Important Lessons I Learned in Mountaineering

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50 thoughts on “The Most Important Lessons I Learned in Mountaineering

    1. Tintin Post author

      Ang context kasi nito ay pag-akyat ng bundok. Hindi ibang chorva! Okay?!

      Yikes, I’ve never gotten used to that name. Feeling ko ibang tao ang tinatawag when people call me using my second name. Haha. BTW, miss na kita!!! 😀

        1. Tintin Post author

          Mukhang si Fred nga talaga nagsabi nyan. Kasi di ko na-gets. Hahaha! Kita kits sa bertdey climb! Tudings tayo ha! 😀

            1. caloyolac

              nawawala pag ginagamitan ng tag :S it should be ang pag-akyat ng pag-ibig ay parang pag ibig….. *insert corny justification here*

            2. Tintin Post author

              I’m so sorry… I’m still lost. Hahaha! Mag-brain vitamins muna ako. Explain mo na lang sa Makiling. Baka ma-gets ko na dun. Hehe. See yah!

      1. worddruid

        ay kaw lang ang may karapatang magcheesy? hahaha parang hesitant na uli akong uminom for reasons that you know very well hahaha dapat ako once a week lang eh

  1. Oliver Llamas

    I’m 45 years old and I’m not an experienced climber and is trying to learn the trade. However, I made a day hike to the summit of Canlaon yesterday. It was tough but a big test on my will. I survived it! Am planning to have proper BMC training since I would like to do more climbs in the future. Is there any journal or where else I could get expert advice.

    1. adventurouskikay

      Sir Oliver, wala naman po pinipili age ang pagiging climber as long as andun yung heart myo..marami pong blog kayong pede ifollow where you can get advices like kay sir gideon po (pinoy mountaineer) and many more…marami din po nag ooffer ng mga BMC training…

    2. Tintin Post author

      Congrats on the Kanlaon climb, sir! It’s a beautiful mountain, one of the best sights I’ve ever seen. We didn’t have the best climb when we were there but still worth it. Sobrang ganda ng bundok!!!

    1. Oliver Llamas

      Hi Ad, I was truly inspired with this experience…you’re right…HEART…you gotta have heart to reach the summit. I was already contemplating of giving up upon reaching Camp 1. But , thru sheer will , I made it. Next time I’m planning to do an overnight camp. They say, it’s harder doing a day hike since you don’t get enough rest but I am proud , I did it.

  2. Manong Unyol

    galing nman ma’am tin nakaka inspire 🙂 isa rin sa favorite qoute ko • “Many climbers become writers because of the misconceptions about climbing.”

  3. Bonzenti,Con Tour (@Bonzenti)

    Miss this little girl, a very determined mountain climber.

    Nice lessons tin. I havn’t tried any single mountain to climb at…..:-). Got inspired with your guts and but I will never try this kind of activity anymore at my age. Maybe, if time will permit me to do so, I will do it.

    1. Tintin Post author

      Aww… Thanks Kuya! Hope to see you again when I go back to Bukidnon. 🙂

      Of course you can still do it at your age. I’ve climbed with people in their late 50s and they still had a faster pace than me!

      By the way, congrats on being featured in the Kapuso show! That was so cool! They asked if I knew a travel blogger who’s based in Bukidnon at syiempre kayo po agad naisip ko. Hehe.


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