Helpful Info (I Hope) On Climbing Mt. Kalatungan

Bangkaso (tribal altar) on the summit of Mt. Kalatungan.

Since my previous posts about the Kalatungan climb were mostly on whining about the weather and getting a minor peak named after me, I’ll try to be a little less narcissistic this time. Here are some information you might want to know if you’re interested in climbing Mt. Kalatungan.

Getting to the jump-off
The jump-off of the Kalatungan climb is in the town of Pangantucan in Bukidnon. From Cagayan De Oro, take a Rural Transit bus bound for Wao and get off at Pangantucan. The trip takes about five hours. If you’re coming from Davao, ride a bus bound for Cagayan De Oro, get off at Maramag and take a van going to Pangantucan.

Fares (as of August 2012):
CDO-Pangantucan – P220
Davao-Maramag – P220
Maramag-Pangantucan – P30

From the town proper, the mode of transportation in going to other barangays is the habal-habal (motorcycle). There are several entry points in climbing Kalatungan; the trail we took is in Barangay Mendis. Habal-Habal fare going there is P40.

Guide, Permit and Ritual Requirements
Climb permits are issued by the local government of Pangantucan. Permit fee is P200/person. Porter/guide fee is P250 per day. The Manobo ritual requires three live chickens for a group of 15-20 climbers.

Suggested Itinerary (Barangay Mendis)
This itinerary is based on the route we took during our climb. Our jump-off and exit points are both in Barangay Mendis but we took a different trail going down, passing through two more peaks before the descent.

Day 1
Arrival in Cagayan De Oro
0900 ETD Agora terminal in CDO
1400 ETA Pangantucan town proper
1430 Buy supplies
1530 ETD town proper
1600 ETA Brgy. Mendis
– Hire guide
– Tribal ritual

Day 2
0700 Start trek
1100 ETA Buko-buko sa anay, lunch
1200 Resume trek
1530 ETA Summit, rest, picture-taking
1600 Resume trek
1700 ETA Bamboo campsite

Day 3
0800 Start trek
1000 ETA Lumpanag Peak (Mt. Wiji)
1130 ETA minor peak, lunch
1230 Resume trek
1500 ETA open trail
1630 ETA Brgy. Mendis, take habal-habal back to town
1700 ETA Pangantucan town proper

If you arrive late in Pangantucan on Day 1 (like we did), you can stay at the tourism guesthouse for the night. The rate is P250/person.

If there are no available buses in Pangantucan going directly to CDO, you can take a jeepney to Valencia and board a CDO-bound bus there.

Local Contact
For assistance in arranging your climb, you may get in touch with Christopher “Tupe” Diaz at 0926.2478.796 or via email at ristof1[at] He is based in Pangantucan and his other nickname is Bobby. He goes on crazy solo adventures and blogs at


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