Four Days Up North

There are a few good reasons for not taking a bath for four days. I’ve got six of them.

1. Mt. Ugo Climb with Team Sagul (June 16-17, 2012)

On the summit of Mt. Ugo in Benguet with Brandy, Rex, Vernz, Jet, Ed, Earl and Paul

2. Mt. Timbak Outreach with CARB Mountaineers and Climb Against Cancer (June 18-19, 2012)

CARB Mountaineers and CAC volunteers with the kids of Mongoto Elementary School

3. A butterfly getting comfortable on my trekking pants.

4. Mountain Dew on a mountain

I swear I did not drink the whole thing by myself.

5. Pine trees on the trail.

6. Hanging out with two awesome travel buddies, Vernz and Jet.

Plus a bonus: A waiting shed with the most heart-warming message of all time.

What’s not to love in this photo? The fire-and-brimstone preaching on the wall, Ed’s armpit hair, Rex’s dagger looks, and Jet and I camwhoring to our hearts’ content.

A big thanks to Jet for inviting me to this trip. This was his idea of cheering me up after the aborted Manta climb. It worked.


2 thoughts on “Four Days Up North

    1. nagbabasang pinoy Post author

      Yoko na dun. 😦 Siguro after five years saka tayo bumalik para limot na ang trauma. Hahaha. Oh My Gulay na lang ulit, kahit ilang beses pa!

      Hoy, pinagkalat mo raw sa FB na matakaw ako. Alam na raw ng buong CAC. Ganyanan na. Masama na bang magutom ngayon? 😛


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