What the Hell Happened to My Blog Title

As you may have noticed, I have a new blog title which doesn’t at all match the URL. The reason for this is I’m an idiot with no gift of foresight.

If you’re interested in the long and boring explanation, here it is. I started Nagbabasang Pinoy (which means Filipino Reader) two years ago with the idea of writing about books I’ve read, mixed in with occasional rants about whatever struck my fancy at the moment.

Then I got hooked on mountains, beaches, traveling and getting into all sorts of funky situations. As much as I still love books, it’s honestly more fun to write about how I got drunk on Vino Kulafu in Bucas Grande than about Cormac McCarthy’s depressing post-apocalyptic novel. (Don’t take it personally, Cormac. I absolutely adore you. It’s just that reading your books makes me want to reach for a bottle of Lysol and pour it down my throat.)

Obviously, the current title no longer fits the content I’ve been posting. The new title, while not exactly a flash of genius, sounds more appropriate albeit a shameless tactic to ride on the fame of the classic comics series turned movie, The Adventures of Tintin. But hey, Tintin is my nickname and I do get into quite a lot of misadventures (read: things my father constantly tells me not to get into) so it’s not really that much of a stretch.

I first tried to create another blog with the URL misadventuresoftintin.wordpress.com and started importing all content from this blog to the new one. For some unexplainable reason that even the best minds at WordPress couldn’t figure out, the import process always fails even after several restarts. I eventually got tired of badgering people at the Support forum.

I thought of transferring to another blog host but I couldn’t find anything with a decent content import option. I don’t want to get my own domain name (not yet anyway) because I’m too much of a cheap-ass to pay for it. I could change the current URL but that would lead to a host of broken links which can only be remedied by a Site Redirect upgrade (which again, I’m not willing to pay for).

And so the only option I could think of thus far is to change the blog title, keep the URL and confuse people on why the two don’t match. If you’re still with me at this point, then you have my utmost gratitude for patronizing the brain farts of an idiot with no gift of foresight.


8 thoughts on “What the Hell Happened to My Blog Title

    1. nagbabasang pinoy Post author

      That’s exactly what I did at first but the import became so problematic. It’s been on “processing” status for days and weeks but no content is coming in. It was reset twice by the WP people, still the same problem. I also couldn’t get any decent solutions from the Support forum. So screw it, I’ll just change the effin’ title of this one. Hehe.

  1. liquiddruid

    I did a MANUAL importation of my old blog posts from Multiply to WordPress because they didn’t allow an auto import. Basically it’s a whole lot of copying, pasting and changing the dates of the entries (which thankfully WordPress allows.) It involves a lot of free time though.


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