Mt. Arayat Day Hike Photos

I’ve been getting relentless complaints from friends I climb with for not uploading their pictures, which they’ve painstakingly posed and smiled for. I didn’t realize it was that important particularly since I’m not even that good at taking portraits but apparently, people have an intense interest in photos they’re included in. So here you go guys. Knock yourselves out. (Eto, wala nang piktyur ng bundok. Puro mukha na lang.)

Also, I can’t write a proper blog post at this time so I’ll just do one big photo dump. Wala kasi akong Facebook account kaya dito na lang. Sorry…

Big Boy’s and Ed’s Birthday Climb
Mt. Arayat
06 May 2012

Yan, Vernz, Madz and Alfred (na may ibang tinatanaw)

Same people, iba lang ang pose.

Ed (nakangiti), Jet (busy) and Fred (seryoso)

The birthday boys: Ed and Allan

The sweeper boy: Jeff

Jet and Vernz, nag-iisip ng magandang pose.

Chito and Alfred, hindi halatang pagod.

Fred, nakangiti na.

Ed and Alfred, hindi halatang hingal.

Black team: me, Fred and Des.

Everyone. Kanya-kanyang diskarte na para makasama sa picture-taking.

Jet and Ed sa White Rock.

The rock only has space for two people at a time.

Quotable quote from Chito: Parang pag-ibig, pandalawahan lang.

Dumarami na ang nuggets of emo wisdom sa grupong ‘to.

Chito and Allan sharing more nuggets of emo wisdom. Experts sila diyan.

Chito, lord of the white rock.

Ed and Jet ulit, ibang location.

Ed and Jet ulit, with the other birthday boy.

With Big Boy and Jeff’s friend. I’m so sorry, Jeff’s friend. Hindi ko talaga maalala ang pangalan mo. 😦

Ed’s version of the Oblation.

Girls’ photo op.

Vernz’ photo op.

Chito’s flag ceremony.

At syiempre, group pic sa summit.

In case hanapin rin ng bubuli…

at ng millipede ang mga pictures nila.


15 thoughts on “Mt. Arayat Day Hike Photos

    1. nagbabasang pinoy Post author

      Aba, at meron ka na ring WordPress account. 😛 Di pa final pero balak ko sa last weekend ng July. Sa July 26 ako darating ng Cagayan eh. Sama ka na, Fred? Yay! 😀

    1. Tintin Post author

      Di na siguro kami babalik ng Arayat, Sir. Once is enough. Maganda sana ang bundok kaso may bad experience sa mga ibang tao dun. Nakakainis madugasan. Haha.

  1. M.C. de Castro

    Tin, what does “hanapin ng bubuli”? I can see what looks like a snake or is it snakeskin? Dunno, but it sent shivers up my weak spine!!

    1. Tintin Post author

      Bubuli is a species of lizard. I think it’s called a sand lizard in English. The caption, which is written in Tagalog, means “in case the lizard and the millipede would look for their pictures too” so I’m posting them here. (“hanapin” means to find) It’s sort of an inside joke, my friends would often bug me for not uploading their photos on our climbs.


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