Update on the D2K Traverse

Good news (for me at least): I did not die on the mountains. Yay!

Proof of life. Standing on a monobloc chair on the edge of a cliff seemed like a good idea at the time. Don’t ask.

Now that we’ve got that terrific piece of information out of the way, let me first give an update on the ‘for a cause’ part of the Dulang-Dulang-Kitanglad climb. I was able to account for P10,420 of funds raised broken down as follows:

Proceeds from book sale – P3,400

Donations – P4,020

Climb cost equivalent – P3,000

Total – P10,420

A few people have informed me that they deposited their donations directly to the bank account of Kitanglad Integrated NGOs but they did not disclose the amount so I wasn’t able to include those contributions in the total.

This was how the funds were disbursed:

P2,500 – deposited to KIN’s bank account by donors themselves

P5,000 – I deposited personally to KIN’s bank account

P2,920 – in-kind donations to Kitanglad Guard Volunteers

BPI deposit receipt for P5,000

Receipt for first aid kit, P496.10

Receipt for tent, raincoats and flashlights, P2,940

It was Ben Maputi of REED Foundation who suggested that we donate to the Kitanglad Guard Volunteers. Its members, which include local guides and porters, are the ones who rescue injured climbers and safeguard the Kitanglad Range Natural Park. The KGV has also been instrumental in conducting forest patrols to combat illegal logging and timber smuggling in past years.

Walter Galasanay, president of the local porters association in Impasug-ong, said they don’t even have basic supplies such as first aid kits or even flashlights. They use the twine on their carabaos as rescue ropes when necessary.

Tent, flashlights, raincoats and first aid supplies

Walter Galasanay and Nilo Iba receiving the donations

They still need a proper rescue rope and a stretcher. If you plan on climbing Mt. Kitanglad or doing a D2K/KD2 traverse and you have the resources to help out, please do consider these local rescuers’ needs. Also, I doubt that stretchers and rescue ropes are available for sale in Malaybalay. We couldn’t even find a complete first aid kit after going to all the pharmacies in the city.

Due to other personal donations I wasn’t able to account for, I’m not sure if we were able to reach the original target of P19,150. That’s okay. As I said before, the important thing is to get the funds to the beneficiaries.

This is all for now. I’ll talk about the traverse and other Bukidnon adventures in future posts. Thank you so much to all who helped out!


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