On the Way to Cloud Nine

On a solo trip to Siargao late last year, I went on a walk from General Luna town proper to Cloud 9, the prime surfing spot on the island. A lot of habal-habal (motorcycles) ply this route but I was in no hurry anyway so I didn’t mind the three-kilometer walk.

Well, maybe I did mind a little. It was a hot afternoon and I had the stamina of a septuagenarian on a walker. But I’ve already refused half a dozen habal-habal drivers’ persistent offers of a ride and it’d look like I’m totally wimping out if I suddenly gave up on my running/jogging/walking/pathetic hobbling halfway through. So I toughened up and soldiered on and felt pretty darn proud of myself when I finally got to Cloud 9.

Very good/nice. You better believe it.

Hannah Mae has a secret and she ain

My only surfing experience so far was a largely unsuccessful one-hour lesson in Pagudpud. This time, I was in no mood to spend my afternoon falling off a surfboard so I didn’t bother trying to surf. I only had one full day in Siargao; I didn’t want to spend it being painfully reminded of my utter lack of athleticism. I hung out on the boardwalk and watched an intrepid surfer trying to tackle the gigantic waves. Better him than me.

Good thing there was more to see on this beach than giant swells and surfer dudes. And good thing my happiness scale is on the shallow end (mababaw ang kaligayahan). I found much amusement in the little things.

And by little, I mean a millipede

And its friends

Colorful little bulbs

Tiny pentagons

And phallic symbols worthy of a juvenile snicker

There’s also the obligatory picturesque beach scenery.


Mangroves and a boat. Because the canon of postcard photos has mandated that picturesque beach scenery should include a boat.

And the inevitable encounter with local children. Because travel photos will not be complete without pictures of cute kids.

Sneaking a glance

So I didn’t get to ride a wave on Cloud 9 but in my own way, I managed to find my happy place. That’s cool enough for me.


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