Night Lights, Sunrise and a Spot of Bother*

Am I glad I didn’t doze off on my early flight to Gensan last Saturday. Our departure was at 5:30am and this being December, it was still dark. The flight attendant announced they would be turning off the cabin lights so we can enjoy the view of the city below. In my years of flying to and from Metro Manila, I’ve never thought about the aerial view of the city as something remotely enjoyable. Congestion and urban sprawl as seen from above is more depressing than fun. At night, however, this third world metropolis looks beautiful. The darkness hides the filth and highlights the artificial sparkle.

My point-and-shoot camera has rather limited capabilities in low light conditions (read: it’s impossible to shoot in low light conditions) so all I managed to get was this:

Squiggly lines

Blurry squiggly lines

Tiny blurry squiggly lines

The actual view was much better, I swear.

After a few minutes of being airborne, we were treated to yet another stunning view: sunrise!

Again, believe me when I say the actual view was much better.

While taking pictures of the sunrise, I noticed something weird on my photos.

See that dark spot?

There it is again.

And again.

There’s a smudge on my lens. Rats. I guess shooting in low light isn’t so bad after all. At least the smudge won’t be visible (along with, uh, everything else).

Dark spot notwithstanding, this was probably the first time I was able to enjoy the view at 30,000 feet. In most flights, I fall into a coma the minute I plunk down on my seat. So this is what I’ve been missing all along. I may have to rethink my sleep-trumps-everything principle.

*Apologies to Mark Haddon for stealing the title of his book.


4 thoughts on “Night Lights, Sunrise and a Spot of Bother*

  1. gilbertyaptan

    Hi kababayang Kristine and fellow bookworm! Found this blogpost on my Google reader alert. 🙂
    that spot of bother notwithstanding, the shots and your realization of what you’ve been missing while dozing off are outstanding! Blog on! 🙂

    My blog url:

    1. nagbabasang pinoy Post author

      Hi Sir Gilbert! I don’t know if you still remember me but I was one of your students in the campus journalism seminars you were conducting when I was in grade school and high school. I’m so psyched you found and liked my blog! 😀 Thanks so much!


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