Chasing Sunsets in Batanes

I have to give credit to Kuya Romy, my dutiful guide, for making sure I don’t miss out on the beautiful sunsets in Batanes. I would’ve been perfectly happy spending late afternoons sleeping or having a beer because I’m lazy like that but he always insists that we go someplace with a great view of the sunset.

Vayang Rolling Hills

I saw a Batanes sunset for the first time in Vayang rolling hills. What I enjoyed more, however, was lying on the grass and taking a nap while waiting for sundown. I got to sleep and take sunset photos; it was a win-win.

Chanarian View Deck

This here was a literal sunset chase. We were coming from Diura fishing village and Kuya Romy was worried that we might not be able to catch the sunset. So he revved up his motorcycle and we rode at top speed to get to the view deck in time. While hanging on for dear life, I wondered what I would tell my mother if I end up with a broken neck because of this. I’m not sure she’d agree that taking sunset photos is good enough of a reason.

Mt. Karoboban, Itbayat

I got to watch the sunset in Itbayat on Mt. Karoboban, the island’s highest point. We drove up the mountain with a broken clutch due to a minor accident earlier that day, which just shows our unwavering commitment to chasing sunsets.

Kuya Romy’s trusty motorcycle. It has served us well, broken clutch and all.


8 thoughts on “Chasing Sunsets in Batanes

    1. nagbabasang pinoy Post author

      Probably because I took that photo while I was on top of a lighthouse, with a 5x zoom. 🙂 Thanks! I hope you can visit Batanes too and see the sunset there for yourself. It’s amazing.

  1. [Con Tour Blog]

    At first you were confronted with utmost risk of your life in chasing the sunset, but good to note that you arrive safe though with defective clutch? (of the motorcycle) and catch the sunset. Sunset has a unique message to us, thus we (photography junkie) has been so fascinated with it. :-).

    1. nagbabasang pinoy Post author

      The motorcycle slid and fell on its side when we were on our way to Torongan Cave earlier that day and that’s how the clutch was damaged. My guide even sustained a sprain but he was adamant that we continue with the tour. Grabeng abala ko sa kanya para lang mag-picture ng mga baka at sunset sa Itbayat. 😛

  2. Drey

    Seems you enjoy traveling even when danger is almost at the corner. Sometimes simple goals can be worth the mile of taking extra courage.

    BTW, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. This blog is great in a lot of ways. =)

    1. nagbabasang pinoy Post author

      Thanks, Drey! I don’t really go around looking for danger since I’m a scaredy-cat in a lot of ways. But for some reason, danger often seems to find me. I don’t know what its deal is. 😛


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