Somewhere Awesome Again

Sorry about the long silence in this little corner of the blogosphere, my 10 loyal subscribers. I got lazy. I wish I could give a better excuse than that but that’s basically it. Oh, and I climbed a mountain. Woohoo! And not just any mountain. I reached the summit of Mt. Dulang-Dulang, the second highest peak in the country. Yep, I climbed all 2,938 meters of it and for a self-confessed wimp like me, that’s the biggest freakin’ deal in the world.

If I do get my lazy ass to start writing again, I’ll post more details about the climb and gush about how beautiful Bukidnon is (ranks right up there with Batanes). In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from the D2 peak taken at sunrise. Because why else would you bust your ass climbing up a mountain if not to take sunrise shots at the peak?

Dulang-dulang summit


2 thoughts on “Somewhere Awesome Again

  1. liquiddruid

    Sorry if it’s inappropriate, but in that second picture, it looks like there’s a used condom hanging in the middle of the tree branch. *hrr-hrr-hrr

    Still a nice pic though. ;D


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