Babies Unlimited

When I met Teresita last year, she was pregnant with her 16th child. At the time, she claimed that she was 39 years old but the health workers can’t really be sure. When she visited the health center the previous year, she said she was 36.

It’s not only her age she can’t remember accurately. She also wasn’t certain about how many pregnancies she has had. She got pregnant 16 times, she said, but her sister Arlene argued that it’s actually 17; one was aborted.

Arlene who came with her for prenatal check-up was also expecting. It would be her 9th baby.

I asked them if they really wanted to have that many children. They smiled coyly before Teresita answered, “mao may niabot [it’s what we got].”

Teresita didn’t finish elementary school; she only got to second grade before dropping out. She can barely write her own name.

Her sister was luckier. She reached sixth grade and was therefore designated with filling out the information sheet for both of them.

They got a good scolding from the health workers for not coming to the health center sooner. They were in their third trimester already and it was apparently their first time to have their prenatal check-ups.

If they both had successful deliveries, their babies would be almost a year old by now. They’re also probably pregnant again by now.



3 thoughts on “Babies Unlimited

    1. nagbabasang pinoy Post author

      Dude… backreading much? Hehe. But seriously, di rin kasi sila na-educate on family planning and the health risks of having too many pregnancies kaya ganun. Kaya sana ‘yung mga anti-RH bill makapunta rin sa mga remote communities at makita ang kalagayan ng mga nanay na ganito. Baka sakaling matauhan sila.

  1. jebuzinjamonk

    Yeah, you’re quite right Tin on the issue. I do also seen this things right in our neighborhood in the province. In fact, naa me silingan nga ing-ana ang situation kada tuig panganak. I am anti-RH Bill, but I am into the idea of educating this folks on family planning.


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