Let’s Try This Again

Around this time last year, I posted an indignant rambling about the cover story of The Economist for International Women’s Day. Of course I tried my damnedest (as always) to sound clever and smart, although the success rate of such efforts is usually somewhere between pathetic and nonexistent.

But I caught a lucky break, which doesn’t happen often, and the aforementioned indignant rambling somehow landed me a writing job with a UN agency. It’s just a part-time gig and I probably won’t be hobnobbing with Ban Ki-moon or Angelina Jolie anytime soon but I’m still pretty psyched about it.

So, how about reviving this long-forgotten blog with a few more indignant ramblings. Might score me another lucky break. And the psychopath in me feels the need again to proclaim my precious opinions to the world.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again

  1. chiden

    tin, your blog is alive again! nice…avid follower ako kaya keep up the good work! wish you more UN jobs hehe


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