Quarter-life Crisis

I had a very enlightening chat the other day with someone I knew in college. He claimed that he was suffering from “quarter-life crisis,” an existential malady apparently afflicting people in their 20s. It’s becoming a catchphrase among my friends these days so I decided to pester him about it.

Me: What’s with that quarterlife crisis thing? Lagi kong naririnig yan lately.

Me: Is that another way of saying “I’m bored” hehehe

Quarter-life Crisis Sufferer: Oh? Many others say this as well?

Me: Yeah, you’re not unique there hahaha

This quarter-life condition seems to be inducing a feeling of isolation. It creates an impression in the sufferer that he is the only one going through this ordeal.

Me: Mostly people our age yan ang drama.

QCS: In my case, not a drama… think of it as finding your meaning in this world as the most extreme.

So this is the classic human struggle on the search for meaning. Somebody call Rick Warren. The guy’s got this meaning business all figured out.

QCS: And not in the holy holy save other souls kinda way.

Okay, forget Rick Warren. We’re off the spiritual plane.

QCS: Pero in a nutshell, it’s more of being off-track with your plans in life.

QCS: Like, I should have attained this level, acquired this, so on and so forth at this age.

Ah, it’s the failure to meet life targets. Makes sense.

QCS: So when people esp that you know are doing those things that you planned, it makes you re-think again and sometimes leads to depression.

QCS: That’s quarter-life, but it goes away… bumabalik lang when there’s stimulus.

And it’s heavily fueled by social comparison. Envy is indeed a powerful stimulus.

Me: To be honest, I also feel that way at times.

Me: I just don’t call it quarter-life crisis coz it sounds weird

QCS: I think you need to go out more and socialize with more people, you would hear that often as you said… and it’s not weird, the term

Then he made me feel like a loser who doesn’t have a life, which is not entirely inaccurate.

Me: I do go out and socialize, which is why I so often hear that term being bandied about it’s already sickening.

Me: Kaya ayoko nang gamitin yung term

Me: Quarter-life effin’ crisis – sakit ng yuppies haha

I became defensive, thereby affirming my loser status…

QCS: Hmm… what crowd ba ung laging nagsasabi nun?

QCS: Baka naman siguro mga JJs, kaya nagiging jologs tuloy

Me: What are JJs?

QCS: Try to hang out with the more affluent, it would become sophisticated haha

QCS: JJs = jumping jologs

and received valuable advice on proper socialization for my troubles.

QCS: My point was, di nagiging sickening ung *quarter-life crisis* pag friends ko ung kasama.

QCS: We do not overuse it kasi.

Conclusion: I must hang out with rich people. Sosyal existential shit rocks.

What the hell is quarter-life crisis again? I can feel the onset of a brain aneurysm.


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