Is It Alice or Is It Me?

Johnny Depp. Tim Burton. A smiling cat and a bunny in a waistcoat. Apparently, these and more were not enough to keep me awake. I still slept through Alice in Wonderland.

Maybe it’s because I watched it on a workday, after a flurry of phone calls to African countries and a strange conversation with a flustered EU program officer in Afghanistan. Maybe it’s because I had just devoured eight pieces of siomai, my full tummy thereby impairing my capacity to stay alert. Maybe my brain was just too numb (and irreparably damaged by alcohol) to appreciate the genius of Tim Burton. Or maybe it really was just a boring movie.

First thing I noticed: Alice looked extremely pale in the earlier scenes and there were dark circles in her eyes, like she hadn’t slept for a week. Tweedledum and Tweedledee were mildly adorable and the dormouse was, well, cute but by this time I was just itching for the Mad Hatter to come along.

I managed to stay awake for the Jabberwocky poem and then it was off to dreamland for me. Even Johnny Depp’s multi-colored face couldn’t stave off the sleepiness.

In the intermittent drifts of consciousness, I saw Alice in a frilly red dress riding on the Bandersnatch, the Red Queen screaming “off with her head” every so often, the White Queen daintily gesticulating while saying something I couldn’t make out, Alice again in an armor waving around the vorpal sword, and a blue butterfly on a ship.

Bottom line, I haven’t seen enough of the film to give a proper review. I was too busy taking a nap.


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