So now Bongbong Marcos supports sustainable wind energy and Juan Ponce Enrile advocates for my personal happiness. The surprising things we learn about our politicians during election time. Much like Lito Lapid claiming he’s the senator of the masses. For a while there, I forgot he’s even alive. He was so quiet and vacuous he practically blended in with the carpet.

But then again, the whole ruse of candidates suddenly caring immensely about issues they usually don’t give a crap about is nothing new. It happens every three years. We’ve learned to live with it. Just as we’ve learned to live with Miriam Defensor-Santiago tirelessly reminding us how she’s so freakin’ smart her oversized brain is all but leaking out of her ears.

We’ve gotten used to cliché-ridden speeches, inane jingles, campaign posters with prettified faces, exasperating ads and song-and-dance rallies. We’ve gotten used to being patronized, deceived, betrayed and forgotten. We’ve gotten used to the same breed of politicians screwing us over and over again.

What’s even less of a surprise: in all likelihood we’d still go ahead and vote for them anyway.


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